3 Things that make Lush Bath Bombs Unique

Full disclosure: we know we’re not the only company offering bath bombs these days.

From small homemade businesses to large retailers and DIY options, fizzing bath treats are everywhere, and that’s awesome! We’re firm believers that the more people that relax in the tub, the better the world will become.

Of course, in our humble opinion, Lush bath bombs are indeed the bomb. So what exactly makes our bath bombs different from all the rest?

1. Our bath bombs are the original

Lush bath bombs go way back! They were invented in 1989 by Lush cofounder Mo Constantine. Inspired by the fizzing action of alka seltzer tabs, she experimented with combinations of baking soda and citric acid to create the perfect fizz. From there, she added essential oils, flower petals and vibrant colors into the mix to create the effervescent, multi-sensory bathing experience we’re now renowned for.

2. We keep things fresh

It’s great to be the original, but we’re also proud to continue innovating on our classic invention.

Decades after the first bath bombs arrived in Lush shops, they were reinvented. We introduced multilayered bombs like The ExperimenterIntergalactic and Twilight, with blends of slow and fast fizzing parts to create stunning multicolored experiences in the tub.

This launched a #bathart sensation on social media, allowing bathers to create unique masterpieces in their baths and share them with the world.

Yellow Submarine is a perfect example of this innovation in motion. Its back end is loaded with a fast-fizzing bath bomb mixture, so when it’s released in the tub, it propels the submarine through the waters, releasing vivid streams of pink, orange and yellow as it goes.

Recently we’ve also introduced jelly bombs like Secret Arts and The Big Sleep. Aside the extraordinary colours, textures and shapes, jelly bombs release a spectacular jelly made from sodium alginate that superbly softening and soothing on the skin.

3. Not just a pretty bath

Bath bombs are gorgeous to behold, but ours also have a whole lot of value beyond their good looks. Each one is handmade with love in Lush factory. They’re 100 percent packaging-free and totally vegetarian too! By choosing Lush products, you can rest easy knowing your money will never support animal testing. We never purchase ingredients from suppliers who animal test, and our products are only ever tested on human volunteers. Plus, every bath bomb is made with a blend of pure essential oils to create a unique aromatherapy experience, right in your tub.


Ready to find your perfect bathing companion? Browse all our bath bombs online, or visit our shops to find the fizzer that’s perfect for you.

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