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5 Fresh New Skincare Products

We hold freshness and innovation near and dear to our heart. This summer, 5 new fresh cosmetics have been rolled out, including Lush’s first ever eye pads, to thoroughly pamper your skin. 

Since our establishment, we have been committed to hand making cosmetics with fresh ingredients, as evident by our inventions of locally made fresh masks and fresh cleansers, allowing our customers to enjoy the freshest skincare possible.

We have been going the extra mile to fulfil your needs and cravings. With that in mind, we created these 5 fresh skincare products to leave you smitten.


Cucumber Eye pads

Lush’s first ever eye pads to soothe those puffy eyes! Boasting a simple formula, this eye pad is loaded with cucumbers full of vitamin B and C to improve skin’s elasticity, soften wrinkles and take down swelling. These eye pads need to be kept in the fridge to impart a cooling sensation to your eye area.


Brush Strokes Fresh Face Mask

This golden mask Brush Strokes has a delicate scent whilst also embellishing your skincare routine with a luxurious touch. Glycerine found inside helps hydrate and moisturise your skin, while calming rose water and softening coconut blossom nectar work together to give your skin a hydrating boost. 

Dab it with the Fresh Faced Brush and stroke generously over the face for a hassle-free application. 


Glen Cocoa Fresh Face Mask

Reminiscent of chocolate spread in both appearance and scent, this fresh mask will sure strike the right cord with chocolate lovers! Absorbent cocoa powder and kaolin help remove excess grease and grime from the pores, while vitamin Erich almond butter protects and soothes the skin. Balancing rosewood oil replenishes your skin with moisture, leaving you with a plump complexion. 

Depending on your needs, you can always mix and match our masks by putting two or three masks to the areas you want to tackle! Smooth on a bit of Glen Cocoa fresh face mask for your T-zone, Brush Strokes fresh face mask on cheeks, and Cucumber eye pads to your eye area to bring your own skincare experience to completion! 



Aloe Bamboo Sugar Cleanser Roll

Debuting as an exclusive product at Lush Fresh & Flowers Shop in Paris, this fresh cleanser was so popular that it soon became a member of our permanent range. Bamboo stem extract, and golden caster sugar found inside provide gentle exfoliation to polish and soften your skin. We have also filled it with moisturising and soothing fresh aloe gel, along with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant hyssop oil, creating a perfect treat for delicate skin.

When using, break off a piece. Massage between wet hands before gliding over the face, then rinse away with water. 


Illipe of Faith Sugar Cleanser Roll

For those who insist that exfoliation is a no go for sensitive skin, Illipe of Faith sugar cleanser roll is here to prove you wrong. A soothing combination of almond milk and calamine calms things down, while golden caster sugar and illipe butter provide buttery exfoliation, with the latter offering the extra benefit of rejuvenation. Inspired by exquisite French confections, this pinky cleanser gives off wafts of sweet aromas to win your heart.

Our fresh masks are all store exclusive. Make your way to our shops, use the “Live Chat” function on our website or contact our Customer Care team at [email protected] or (852) 2423 3833 for more information or even a thorough consultation! 


Translated by Ester Cheng; Edited by Lisa Wong.


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