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5 hot tips to keep you feeling fresh and cool!

Spring-summer time is the dampest time of the year. Stiflingly humid weather can easily take a toll on our skin and moods, leaving us feeling miserable and suffocated. Combating the humidity can be an uphill battle, but fret not - we have put together 5 handy tricks to fight back against humidity and keep your skin fresh all day long!

1. Lightweight Moisturisers & Lotions

Damp and hot weather can spell trouble for our skin, as high humidity and heat-induced sweats might lead to clogged pores and unwanted skin problems. To restore your skin to its tip-top condition, opt for lightweight moisturisers and lotions instead.

Packed with vegetable oils, Vanishing Cream can be easily absorbed into the skin without leaving a trace of stickiness, keeping your complexion clear, soothed and moisturised. If brightening is what you are after, try Enzymion; a mattifying face cream well known for replenishing moisture. Fresh lemon and papaya found inside contain enzymes and alpha hydroxy acids to remove dead skin cells and help to stimulate and brighten the skin.

Switching out heavy lotions for lighter alternatives helps protect your body against humidity during summertime. A tantalising minty creation, Tingle Body Conditioner draws moisturising strengths from lightweight jojoba oil. Simply apply a generous amount over your body in the shower then rinse away. The trio of mints helps chase away greasiness and leaves a cooling sensation on your skin.

2. Body-building Salt to Combat Limp Hair

The humidity in the air keeps weighing your locks down? Sweat not - Sea salt-packed haircare products will come to your aid! Mineral-rich sea salt has long been widely used to pump up hair volume. Brimming with sea salt and seaweed, Big Shampoo contains cuticle smoothing lemon and lime to add body and shine to your locks. Wanna give your hair an energy boost? Sea Spray Hair Mist gives a light hold and adds volume, while adorning your locks with a pleasant floral aroma.

3. Keep Your Skin Refreshed

If you can't stand the heat, opt for minty skincare products to keep your cool! Mask Of Magnaminty is made with peppermint oil to stimulate, combined by evening primrose seeds and aduki beans to gently exfoliate. As an equally mild alternative, its self-preserving version contains extra honey, resulting in a thicker texture loved by many.

Fancy a full-on cooling shower experience? We have a wide array of minty shower products to stimulate your senses with its chilling effects. Powered by menthol crystals and spearmint oil, Dirty Springwash Shower Gel gives off a minty scent to fend off the unwelcome discomfort during humid summertime. To kick the stimulating sensation up a notch, why not give Wasabi Shan Kui Shampoo a try? A combination of menthol crystals and fresh horseradish gives a burst of warming stimulation to promote hair growth.

4. A Sense of Freshness in an Instant

When the city is in the grip of high humidity levels, we often find our skin and locks fraught with excess oil at midday. Banish the sense of stickiness with our Tea Tree Water Toner. Tea tree and antibacterial juniper berry water help keep your skin clear and clean. It also comes in portable size which means you can enjoy a spritz of freshness wherever you go!  To humid-proof your mane, look no further than No Drought Dry Shampoo. Simply massage a little into your scalp and through the hair to breathe new life into your locks.

5. Don’t Forget Footcare!

Muggy air keeps afflicting your skin with sticky discomfort? Sleepy Dust Dusting Powder absorbs excess moisture and imparts softness, while treating you to its comforting lavender scent. Without proper care, your feet can easily become bacteria-ridden or contract athlete's foot due to excess perspiration.  This is where T For Toes Foot Powder comes to your aid - It can absorb sweat or moisture, with antibacterial tea tree leaving your feet dry and clean all day long.

Switching up your cosmetic line-up according to the weather can help keep you fresh as a daisy! Still not sure where to start? Make your way to our shops, or contact our Customer Care team at (852) 2423 3833 for a personalized consultation.

Written by Anthea Wong, translated by Ester Cheng.


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