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5 much-loved body sprays you should never miss out on!

Boasting the finest floral and fruity essential oils, Lush fragrances are designed to give you an air of charm and have mood-altering benefits.

Smell is one of the five human senses - humans are even born with the ability to gain a sense of security through their mothers’ smell! Scents can not only paint the portrait of your characteristics, but also trigger your emotions in a positive way.

Our body sprays adorn your hair and skin with subtle yet sensual aromas. Simply spritz it on your clothes, and you will be immersed in the cloud of mesmerising fragrance and ready to take to the streets. Fancy adding a splash of cosiness to your home? Try spritzing your fragrance of choice in the air to permeate your rooms with a lingering scent! We’ve selected the top-5 body sprays that have received much love amongst Lushies - let’s see which complements your style best!

#1 Flying Fox

Floral scents capture the essence of femininity and allure like no other. Armed with the sensual blend of jasmine, ylang ylang and palmarosa, Flying Fox body spray embodies flowers blooming in profusion, giving you the power to turn heads all day long.

#2 Sex Bomb

Time to drop the sex bomb! A floral duo of jasmine and ylang ylang in Sex Bomb body spray will definitely enchant people with the captiviting scents. A waft of warming blossom can put even the busiest minds at ease, and hence drives your blues and worries away.

#3 So White

Rose and neroli oils found in So White body spray are tangled together to create an unmistakable scent that whispers innocence and pureness. Mood-lifting bergamot and Brazilian orange oil later come into play, leaving your heart singing and charged with positive energy.

#4 Calacas

If citrus perfumes is all you are after, then Calacas body spray might tickle your fancy! Lime and neroli are intertwined to create this fruity wonder, adorned by the trace of mind-balancing olibanum. Anyone who loves scents with an edge will find this soothing fragrance irresistible.

#5 Big

A body spray reminiscent of the breezy, sunny days. Sicilian red mandarins, cheerful notes of orange flower absolute and neroli oil in Big body spray will raise your spirits, while a touch of evocative vanilla absolute round out the fragrance. Even though your busy schedule leaves no room for a joyful beach day, these body spray will serve as a portal to the offshore islands by wrapping you up with the refreshing scent inspired by nature.

This article is written by Anthea Wong; translated by Ester Cheng.


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