6 Things You Should Know about Jelly Face Masks

It’s not every day that we get to experience the excitement of a brand new product range, so the arrival of our jelly face masks is kind of a big deal. Learn six behind-the-scenes deets about our latest skincare arrivals before rushing to the store to try ‘em for yourself.

1. Girl power

Each jelly face mask was inspired by a badass Lush babe! We’re nothing without the creative powerhouses behind our inventions, and what better way to pay homage to our heavy hitters than with iconic new products?

FOMO, which soothes the skin and tones down redness with rose and calamine, was made for Mo Constantine, Lush co-founder, product inventor and OG bath bomb kween—she invented ‘em!

Bunny Moon, a honey and vanilla dream for sensitive, irritated skin, was created for Claire Mays (Claire Constantine before), Mark and Mo Constantine’s daughter and the big boss at our global flagship store at Lush Oxford Street in London, UK.

The Birth Of Venus, which will refresh and calm your skin with fresh sea water and lavender, was formulated for Rowena Bird, Lush co-founder, product inventor and the brains behind our beautiful Emotional Brilliance range of makeup.

Just To Clarify, buzzing with fruit enzymes to exfoliate and brighten the skin, was made for Liz Smith, director of manufacturing in our UK factories, who oversees thousands of products being lovingly made by hand every day.

1,000 Millihelens, full of antioxidant green tea and toning fresh apple juice, was created for Helen Ambrosen, Lush co-founder, product inventor and microbiology maven—she’s one of the masterminds behind our innovative self-preserving products!

2. Lasting freshness

All of these new jelly face masks are self-preserving, meaning that they’ve been formulated to stay fresh without using any synthetic preservatives, and you don’t have to keep them in the fridge, either! These wobbly wonders have a shelf life of four months, giving you more than enough time to use them up and enjoy your gorgeous, renewed skin.

3. Smooth operators

For a long time, because we can’t ship our fresh face masks, our online customers only had really scrubby masks like Mask Of Magnaminty and Cup O’Coffee to choose from. With the arrival of these jelly masks, you now have five brand new face masks to try and fall in love with.

4. Serving papaya realness

When you crack open Just To Clarify, you’ll notice that it looks quite like a halved papaya—after all, we do pack it full of fresh papaya juice to banish dull skin and leave it looking bright and fresh. Those little orbs that you see aren’t papaya seeds, but balls of agar agar colored with charcoal that help detoxify and exfoliate.

5. Shantay, new clay

1,000 Millihelens introduces zeolite clay as a new ingredient in our repertoire. Its fine texture makes it a gentle (and plastic-free) exfoliator, and like other clays, it’s incredible for drawing out impurities and toxins from the skin without drying you out.

6. Wetness is the essence of beauty

Although these jelly face masks do contain clay, their base is made from skin-softening, mineral-rich carrageenan, the same ingredient that gives our shower jellies their jiggle. This jelly texture ensures that your mask won’t fully dry, so these are definitely a skin treat to try if you don’t like the tightening sensation that comes along when your clay mask dries up.

Now that you’ve learned all about our squidgy new skincare, go on and try them on your own face! Visit our shops or call our lovely customer care team at (852) 2423 3833 to learn even more about our products.

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