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Caring for a Sensitive Scalp

Dry or sensitive skin can happen anywhere. And when it strikes on your scalp, things can get itchy, flaky and downright irritated.

Luckily there are some sure-fire ways to keep your head in tip top shape. First, removing dry or flaky skin eases uncomfortable itching and minimizes dreaded dandruff; and second, soothing peeved skin prevents further pesky flakes and soreness.

Our top tips

A simple way to remove dry or flaky skin from the scalp is to gently massage your scalp as you shampoo. Not only does this feel ah-mazing, it helps to loosen dry skin flakes from the scalp and gives your hair a good deep cleanse. This ensures residue from your hair products isn’t sneakily building up on your hair and scalp, which can sometimes be the root cause of flakes and irritation.

We know a steamy hot shower feels fantastic, but hot water could also be contributing to your scalp’s dry skin woes by stripping away too much of your body’s naturally beneficial oils. Turn down the temperature to lukewarm while washing and rinsing your hair, or reduce the total time spent in the shower. You’ll save energy, water and your skin!

Soothe that scalp

If your scalp is still feeling dry or flaky, Superbalm Scalp Treatment will swoop to the rescue. This thick wax-based treatment contains salicylic acid (made from natural meadowsweet) which helps to loosen and break down stubborn flakes, plus a hydrating blend of organic virgin coconut oil, rose wax, lavender and chamomile blue oils to calm irritations and keep your scalp soothed.

When you want to treat your hair and scalp to a tingly and refreshing indulgence, look to Roots Hair Treatment. It’s filled with zippy fresh mint infusion, peppermint oil and spearmint oil to stimulate the scalp and leave it feeling cool and revitalized. Nourishing honey and fair trade olive oil moisturize your mane and scalp without weighing down the hair, so you’re left with brilliantly shiny and weightless locks, plus a calm and soothed scalp.

For regular maintenance of dandruff-prone scalps, washing regularly with Soak And Float Shampoo Bar will ease sore spots and work to prevent full-fledged skin tantrums. Cade oil cleanses the scalp and alleviates itchy skin while rose and marigold calm and soothe. Not only will your hair look, feel and smell fantastic, but your scalp will be happy and calm too!

Looking for further advice and info on scalp health? Visit our shops or give our customer care team a call at (852) 2423-3833.

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