Donations to animal protection groups

With your help, Charity Pot and our charitable giving initiatives provide funding for small, grassroots groups in the following areas:​ environment, animal protection and human rights. Below is a list of the animal charities we support:



Treasure Life be Kind to Animals Association

A small charity focusing on rescuing stray cat, with the mission of fighting pet trading and supporting adoption.

Hong Kong Vegetarian Society

A group of volunteers dedicating to promote the ethical, environmental and health benefits of a vegan lifestyle.

1Stop Borneo Wildlife

A volunteer group in Borneo that carries out wildlife rescue and education program.

Hong Kong Shark Foundation

Dedicated exclusively to shark conservation, aims to raise awareness about shark conservation, particularly the unsustainable practice of shark finning, and to reduce consumption of shark products in Hong Kong.

The Ipoh Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

A non-governmental society implementing the NO-KILL Policy, that helps not only to deal with the stray animals, but also to implement the TNR Program to help reduce the issue regarding overpopulation of strays.

Momo Fur Concern Unit

A small group that pressing the low-priced fur in the market and also promote 'vegan lifestyle'.

Borneo Rhino Alliance

Group prevents the extinction of the Sumatran rhinoceros.

Long Long Animals Asylum Home

Provides a loving shelter for Macau stray and abandoned animals.

HK Saving Cat and Dog Association

Animal saving group with mission of 'encourage adoption – give animals a second chance'.



HK Paws Guardian

A small group dedicated to rescue, heal injured and abandoned animals, and to find home for them. 

Lingnan Cat Concern Group

A small group of volunteers from the Lingnan University, dedicated to save stray cats around the campus and conduct TNR. 

Give Dogs A Home

A small group aims to review the animal keeping policies and laws of different types of building in Hong Kong. Encourage and promote an animal friendly community. 

Hong Kong Animal Post

A non-profit media and online platform that speaks from the view of animals, aim to educate public about animal compassion and animal right.

Hong Kong Homeless Dog Shelter

A registered non-profit organization that rescues stray animals and those that are in need, providing care and medical assistance to rescued animals.

Dolphin Family

Promotes the welfare of dolphins both in the wild and captivity, aims to terminate importing, breeding, and entertainment perfermance of dolphins. 

Fruit Garden Social Enterprise

A non-profit making charitable organisation which aims to rescue strays and abandoned animals, and offer help to the physically handicapped as well as the underprivileged.

No Fur Citizens Hong Kong

A small group organized by core members from various local animal welfare charities with the aim to end the pain and inhumane caused to animals from fur production. 

Tai O Stray Cat House

A small group of hardworking volunteers, dedicated to help homeless cats in Tai O, their core work includes rehoming, desexing, and also providing stray cats basic medical care and cat food. 



Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society

A local small group working on research and conservation effort of whales, dolphins and porpoises in Hong Kong. 

Hong Kong Rabbit Society

A charity dedicated to helping Hong Kong abandoned rabbits, as they look for a home. Also promote the message of "love animals, never abandon".

Lifelong Animal Protection Charity

Lifelong Animal Protection Charity is a 100% volunteered charity. We exist to help animals in Hong Kong and to bring about the conditions whereby every animal has a good home.

Vshine Animal Protection Association

Vshine's Be Cruelty Free - raise public awareness of cosmetic animal testing and call for consumers to support cruelty free products.

Rescue Centre For Abandoned Pets

A local charitable ogranisation that provides a home and care to abandoned pets and educate public to be a responsible pet owner.

ACT Asia for Animals

Aiming to help Asian cultures evolve into caring societies, respecting all forms of life. Their humane and compassion education program helps to promote animal rights and welfare among the Chinese community.



Animal Friends

A non-profit organization with a mission of providing care and free desexing surgeries to stray dogs and cats.



Shark Savers Hong Kong

Dedicated to saving sharks through buidling awareness, education, and action.

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