Donations to human rights groups

With your help, Charity Pot and our charitable giving initiatives provide funding for small, grassroots groups in the following areas:​ environment, animal protection and human rights. Below is a list of the human rights charities we support:



Vision First (Filedis Oriental)

Aims to engage the community in shaping a deeper understanding and respect of refugee rights.

Transgender Resource Center

Promote the awareness of transgender population and related service in Hong Kong.


Aim to transform the lives of the homeless and giving them a second chance.

Gender Empowerment

A charitable self-help organization helping transgender individuals adapt to the changes due to their gender transition, and providing education to raise public awareness on the identity and issues of the transgender community as gender minorities.

The Harmonics

An LGBT & Friends choir that aspires to entertain audiences, support the community, celebrate differences and foster acceptance throughout Hong Kong.

Mamamilk Baby Alliance

Promote breastfeeding and advocate for the rights for breastfeeding mothers.

Gay Harmony

Gay Harmony is providing support services and health education to the gay community, and educating public to understand the needs of sexual minority and campaign to eradicate stigma and discrimination.

Light On

Provide support and help to Nepal's earthquake victims and assisting children's home relocation and education project in Nepal.

Fargo Foundation

Fargo's Refugeek program helps refugees and asylum seekers learn globally relevant technology skills, to become a talent opportunity wherever they will find their long term home.

Fair Trade Hong Kong Foundation

Minimize the exploitation of farmers, workers and the planet.


Empower future leaders from marginalized and underrepresented communities in Hong Kong with rights awareness, campaigning and communication skills as well as leadership development through a social justice fellowship.

Enrich Personal Development

A small charity providing financial and empowerment education to migrant domestic workers.



Nu Tong Xue She

Aims to create an open environment to discuss, understand, explore and discuss the various facets of gender and sexuality.

Goodness Organization

An organization working towards social, human rights, and economic empowerment for marginalized community.

Feeding Hong Kong

A foodbank that helps to minimize food waste and re-distribute to needy in Hong Kong, bridging the gap between food waste and hungers.

Refugee Union

A group operated by refugees in Hong Kong, with a mission to empower members to selflessly assist each other and actively participate in all matters relating to the life of refugees and the development of the asylum sphere in Hong Kong according to the highest standards of human rights.

Association of World Citizens Hong Kong China

A group formed by transgender and queer people with a hope to empower the trans community in Hong Kong, working on awareness building and remove misconception about the trans community.

Les Corner Empowerment Association

Non-profit-making organization taking up a feminine role fighting for the equality of sexual minorities.

Bubbleair Media

Bubble Air is an LGBTQ volunteer-based community radio station committed to providing a voice for the diverse LGBTQ communities, enabling freedom of expression and connecting isolated members of minorities.

Vision First (Filedis Oriental)

Aims to engage the community in shaping a deeper understanding and respect of refugee rights.



Enrich Personal Development

A small charity providing financial and empowerment education to migrant domestic workers.

The Association for the Advancement of Feminism

The first local Chinese feminist group in Hong Kong dedicated to eliminate all forms of discrimination against women through social policy intervention and cultural accumulation and action.


A group of passionate volunteers, offer free learn-to-swim courses to foreign domestic workers, the minority who is part of the community but often got neglected, improving their self-confidence and acknowledgement both in and out of water. 

North Korean Defectors Concern

A non-profit organization with the mission of raising public awareness on the violation of human rights in North Korea. 

Light On Charity

Through cultural exchange, services to people in need and providing for the education of each individual’s physical, mental and psychological well-being, Light On aims to ignite and inspire a personal transformation.  



Silver Lining Foundation 

A group dedicated to improving the lives of impoverished children and their families, supporting their educational, daily needs and bringing.

Association For Help (HK)

Supporting their food sharing program with the mission of 'Environmental protection. Supported disadvantages. Social harmony'.   

InspiringHK Sports Foundation

InspiringHK Sports Foundation gives underpriviledged youth a better chance of success by providing professional sports programmes for free.

Hong Kong Guide Dog Association

A non-governmental, charitable organization that promotes and provides professional guide dog services that are up to industry standards.



Food Angel

A food rescue and food assistance program with the mission of "Waste Not, Hunger Not".



Soul Talk

Support women with emotional and relationship crisis with accommodation help.


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