Escape Spa for Men in Hong Kong

The boys are back in town! All Lush Spa treatments now available for men in Hong Kong.

Escape the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong and immerse yourself in an oasis of calm at Lush Spa SoHo Square. It’s time to treat yourself to the soothing sounds of wild birdsong and indulge in one of our restorative treatments away from the frenetic buzz of urban life. After all, we all deserve a little time out from the city that never sleeps!

Don’t worry boys, all of our magical, multi-sensory experiences are now available to you too. See what you’ve been missing out on and let yourself in our little haven of tranquility. As soon as you step out of the lift you’ll be transported to another time and place, far removed from the busy streets and congested traffic outside. The cosy, English country-style setting is sure to subdue any feelings of anxiety or stress, putting you at ease in an instance. This is where you can enjoy a rare few hours of serenity without any pressure, any judgment and any worry. Perfect if you’re searching for a little peace and quiet…

Each treatment is unique, using exclusive Lush products and inspired by music that stirs the soul. An eclectic blend of original melodies from The Fresh Handmade Collective perfectly accompanies a carefully crafted therapy to remedy both body and mind. Sink into a deep relaxation as an intoxicating combination of scents lures you into a state of pure comfort, allowing you the time and space to forget all those niggling worries. 

Whether it’s an uplifting boost of energy, the warmth of contentment or the opportunity to look within, choose from a range of original treatments to suit your needs. Alter your outlook after a revitalizing holistic body massage with our signature Synaesthesia, or target your tension with a deep tissue massage and the sounds of the sea in The Good Hour. Designed to inspire confidence, uplift your spirit and give you a much needed pamper, all the Lush treatments will take you on a transformative journey you won’t forget.

A personal consultation with our highly-skilled therapists ensures your treatment is just what the doctor ordered, just sit back and let your senses be soothed by the scintillating combination of sound, scents, colours and textures. Forget the past and dissolve worries of the future, this is your chance to relish the present.

Now that guys can get in on the action too, not only do you get to treat yourself, but you can treat your partner too. Spend some quality time together and try our Double Spa Treatment, an opportunity to recharge and relax. Sharing the experience with someone you know and trust is bound to make you feel even more at ease, only adding to the peaceful environment and positive vibes that the spa is designed for. Not only will you create memories that are far more special that your usual night in watching TV, but the synchronised movements of the treatment combined with the music will add an extra element of connection between you both. In fact, an hour or two of total restfulness would probably make the ideal special gift for any busy Hong Konger that’s running low on energy and in desperate need of a little R & R…

What’s more, our new Tales of Bath treatment is the perfect excuse to schedule in a visit to the Lush Spa Soho Square. Sink into a blissful slumber as you clutch a lavender scented pillow on a heated bed, and enjoy the calming motions of a unique side massage. Let your body breathe a sigh of relief with every stroke before you are left alone to delight in a mineral enriched bath. That’s right, a private bath filled with healing Epsom salts and a heady mix of essential oils, all to yourself. A true luxury in Hong Kong, where many of us aren’t lucky enough to have bathtubs... don’t hold back, just soak it all in. 

Start your journey and experience our extraordinary treatments by booking here.

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