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Ethical Buying in Lush

Finding beautiful ingredients starts at the source. At Lush, the quality of the materials informs our products and filters out to everything we do, from fragrance, butters and oils, to packaging and colours. Ethical buying is a key part of this process and our values.

What does ethical buying mean?

It’s so important to us to use the freshest and finest natural ingredients (see our freshness policy here). To make sure we have the best of the best, we started with the simple goal to find the highest quality ingredients possible. This meant removing the middlemen and going straight to the source by meeting suppliers, having conversations with farmers and removing as many obstacles as possible between Lush and the people producing the materials. 

Sounds straightforward, but when we started to deal directly with our suppliers we could see firsthand the impact that these ingredients had on people’s lives and on the land. Ethical buying goes far beyond how good the ingredients are; it extends to:

  • Workers rights - unions, collective bargaining, health and safety, freedom to leave, fair pay, working hours, discrimination, no child labour.

  • Environment - organic, sustainability, endangered species, production emissions onto land and water, use of resources to process ingredients, no Genetic Modification.

  • Animal protection - No animal testing of ingredients. Vegetarian ingredients only.

  • Transport - The distance ingredients travel, minimum air freight, packaging materials used.

These are the criteria that we use when sourcing ingredients and at Lush we are constantly evolving and adapting to changing situations around the world to ensure that we buy fair and can support the communities on the ground. To us, ethical buying is about more than looking at one aspect of where our ingredients come from; it’s about looking at the overall impact and establishing relationships to create change.

How does Lush buy ethically?

Using these ethical considerations when buying allows us to source the best ingredients in the most responsible way, but of course, there are inevitable challenges. Climate change is impacting the ability for crops to grow successfully, geopolitical influences are directly affecting suppliers, and ingredients are becoming endangered.

So how do we solve these problems when buying? It’s all about creative thinking and finding solutions. We continue to educate ourselves so that we can tackle the complexities of buying and a changing world. With a long-term approach in mind, we are constantly evolving and looking for new ways to find ingredients that are good for our customers and for the people who grow them. Not only are our ingredients traceable, but we are also connected to the people behind the products, ensuring a fair working environment. See more on Lush’s fair trade stance here.


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