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Feeling Sensitive? Here’s some tips to look after your skin

As the seasons change and we experience these challenging times, is your skin feeling a little delicate?

Everyone’s skin is so different but we may all go through sensitivity at some point in time. This could be because of our body going through hormonal changes or external factors such as the environment irritating our skin causing it to feel dry, tight, blotchy and sore. You may have skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, contact dermatitis or rosacea which can cause skin to easily flare up too.

Or some peoples skin may be more prone to sensitivity due to the skin's natural barrier being weaker therefore they may react to irritants easily, displaying flushing and stinging. There’s a range of elements that can trigger our skin and we just never know when it may flare.

No matter what situation your skin is in, we’ve got you, so here’s a few tips to help you weather any sensitive storm.

Gentle has it

We might not know it, going about our every-day lives can have an effect to our skin. Pollution and excessive sun exposure can have an impact so it’s important to use antioxidants and sun protection.

At the end of the day, making sure that we cleanse away the pollutants using a gentle yet effective cleanser can really make a difference. Ultrabland cleanser was created for more delicate skin in mind, using a combination of calming rose water and moisturizing honey it works hard to put your skin back to its optimum condition. Make sure to use warm water when cleansing as you risk drying your skin out using excessively hot water.

We don’t want to overwhelm the skin so stick to using simple formulas such Eau Roma Water Toner which contains rose and lavender water for a quench of hydration.

Top of the end of the routine with one of the mildest facial moisturisers, Celestial. The moisturiser will wrap your skin in a blanket of hydrating almond milk and cocoa butter protecting it from the day's woes.

Fresh Ingredients

As everyone’s skin is different it’s hard to guarantee that a particular product or ingredient won’t cause irritation to particularly delicate skin, however look out for these key ingredients that help soothe and calm and which you can find in the Lush range:

  • Dove Orchid Extract helps to reduce inflammation and you can find this ingredient in 9 to 5 cleanser.

  • Oat milk’s creaminess will help soothe all worries particularly inflammation and itchiness. Dream Cream body lotion and Oaty Creamy Dreamy Shower gel are the perfect team to soothe skin.

  • Lavender soothes and balances the skin. Lush’s lavender oil comes from a French distiller which used the finest locally harvested flowers.

  • Chamomile helps to calm and is a natural inflammatory. Lush uses Chamomile Blue oil, a vibrant blue essential oil that is both powerful yet gentle. Facial skin feeling a bit tender from all the mask wearing? Fresh Farmacy facial soap contains the Chamomile Blue oil and will sort you out.

  • Rose is used widespread in cosmetics for its calming properties and helps to reduce redness. This ingredient can be found in all ranges of Lush, from scalp to body

Test out products

Making sure that a new product is right for you is crucial especially for unpredictable skin. At Lush we are always happy to give you a consultation to make sure the products are right for you. Just come in store to ask for a consultation and a member of staff will be happy to help.


Translated by Ester Cheng; edited by Anthea Wong.

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