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Five simple ways to treat your feet

Hong Kong people takes an average of 6,880 steps per day, earning us a reputation as the most active walkers across the globe, a study conducted by The Stanford University in 2017 has found. However, although our feet take us to uncountable places throughout this hectic city, we rarely give enough credits to these unsung heroes. It’s time to reward our tootsies with pampering moments they truly deserved.

Below are 5 effective ways to let your feet feel amazed!


1. Releasing tensions

After travelling a great distance on foot, the tensions of muscles built up at the back of your feet. So why not give your weary feet a good massage and bid goodbye to tiredness? Try Hottie Massage Bar to untie the stubborn knots: this cutie gives off a comforting scent thanks to vanilla absolute, whilst black pepper and ginger oils stimulate circulation right to your toes.


2. Cleansing and Brightening

Cleansing your feet need not to be a piece of work. A trio of cleansing kaolin clay, exfoliating pumice and brightening papaya found in Volcano Foot Mask will deeply cleanse your feet with ease, leaving them feel polished and divine. Simply apply the mask to the feet, sit back and relax for 20 minutes before washing off with warm water. Cleansing can never be easier!


3. Exfoliating

Like any other parts of our body, our feet also need to be exfoliated from time to time! To smooth the rough heels, you can always reach for Pumice Power Foot Soap, a mighty exfoliator brimming with polishing pumice powder, whereas brightening sweet orange oil refreshes and rejuvenates from heels to toes. Lather up, and bring your weary feet back to life!


4. Moisturising and Conditioning

Lashings of Fair Trade organic cocoa butter and almond oil in Pink Peppermint Foot Lotion keep dry feet at bay. Stimulating peppermint exerts two-way magic on your feet by cooling down hot skin and warming up cold feet, making it your go-to foot cream for all seasons.  


5. Refreshing

Whenever you break a sweat, your feet inevitably become smelly and sticky. But don't sweat it -  for you can always count on T for Toes Foot Powder in times of need! This gentle foot powder soaks up moisture with absorbent kaolin and horsetail, while freshen up your feet with powerful tea tree and lime oils. Sprinkle the powder into shoes or directly on your feet whenever you want to banish the unpleasant smell.


Written and translated by Ester Cheng ; edited by Kadii Chan.


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