Free coffee? Inside the #CarryTheCup coffee pop up

Free coffee. Two words everyone wants to hear. But what’s the catch? There isn’t one, just bring your own cup and delicious, cruelty-free, fairtrade, single-use-plastic-free, vegan, coffee is yours. 

Lush, in collaboration with Fair Taste and OATLY, are hoping that a cup of joe has the power to do more than the power you through your 3 pm slump. Open for three days from 10th to 12th September, the #CarrytheCup pop-up in our brand new K11 MUSEA store is a vegan and fairtrade coffee shop with an agenda: to educate people on the impact of single-use plastic. 

Lush Studio Manager Michael O’Brien explains: “Reducing our reliance on plastic has been at the forefront of Lush’s innovations for the last 23 years. Beyond cosmetics, there are habits we can break and simple changes we can make to reduce or remove single-use plastic from our lives. We want to invite locals and visitors inside for a free cup of coffee (or tea) and an informative discussion on how to ditch the single-use coffee cup, and learn to #CarrytheCup.”

According to Smiley Planet, 2.1 million cups are thrown away every day in Hong Kong, and no recycling facilities are able to recycle the takeaway cups due to the plastic coatings. That’s a whole lot of unnecessary waste going straight to landfill and causing great damage to the environment. The simple act of swapping your takeaway cup for a reusable one instead could make a big difference to the environment. In collaboration with rCUP, Lush presents Lush rCUP, the world's first reusable coffee cup made from 6 used paper cups - to help recycle and reduce waste.

And this isn’t the only way Lush is making a difference to the coffee culture that’s ruining our environment. In 2017, Lush launched the Bath Oil Box, a biodegradable box made from recycled coffee cups. The innovative solution was created in collaboration with James Cropper 3D Products and is now available in Lush shops nationwide and from lush.co.uk. You can see how they are made here.

Event details:

Date: 10-12 September 2019
Time: 2pm - 7pm
Location: Lush K11 MUSEA

Terms & Conditions:

- Paper Cups will not be provided. Customer needs to bring their own cup to join this event in K11 Musea store, Lush rCUP is available in #CarrytheCup pop-up.
- Each customer can enjoy 1 cup of free coffee or tea in the event period only.
- Limited quantity while stocks last.
- In case of any dispute, the decision of Lush Asia Limited shall be final and conclusive.

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