Give the gift of time this Mother's Day

She said it on her birthday, you heard it at Christmas, and Mother’s Day is no different; if your mum wants for nothing except quality time here are a few ways to put a smile on her face.

Quality ‘Me’ Time
The words busy and mum are often synonymous, so the gift of time is a great way to show you care. Why not offer to cook the dinner, take the bins out or walk the dog so the mum in your life can get some relaxing respite. Run her a bath, pour a cuppa (or something stronger). For the icing on the cake, bestow her with some pampering goodies in the form of the Thanks Mum gift box so she can truly kick back and relax while you do all the hard work.

Thanks Mum contains 3 indulgent goodies, promising the mum that receives it a peace-inducing pamper session. Whether it’s a buff up with Rub Rub Rub, a rinse off with empowering Antiope naked shower gel, or a lovely fruit lather with Raspberry Milkshake, your mamma is sure to be able to fit in a dash of indulgence, no matter how hectic her day’s been.

When mum is buzzing around at 500 miles an hour, help slow the pace and treat her to something extra special. Honey Mummy is brimming over with goodness. With 6 pampering products to treat from head to toe, she will be left smelling sweet and feeling great with this uplifting honey and lemon gift. When she is done with the contents, the box can be reused again and again. Featuring a colourful design by ARTHOUSE Meath, a social exnterprise supporting adults with severe epilepsy and disabilities, the box will keep the bathroom as bright as her mood.

Quality ‘Us’ Time
Whether it’s a mother-son, mother-daughter or even mother-father relationship, why not take the time to shut yourself away from the world and your responsibilities, escape the daily grind and truly unwind. Caring for your skin and caring for your relationship go hand in hand and Mother’s Day is a perfect excuse (not that you need one) to do just that. Pick up a fresh face mask or a massage bar and wall yourself in with tea, tranquility and the chance to talk long into the night.

Once upon a time you were a smiling rosy cheeked baby who needed a little (lottle) care and attention. Why not hark back to those times and slather some subtly scented Rosy Cheeks face mask on to skin to gently soothe and refresh - and get a truly cheeky selfie with your mum too. Gentle turkish rose petals and kaolin will calm and tone skin leaving your smiling faces as fresh as a daisy… or should that be a rose?

Or take quality time to a higher plane with a truly immersive, peace inducing Lush Spa experience. With eleven handcrafted spa treatments to lift stresses off shoulders there is something for every mum, and now with double treatments available there is something for you too.

Whatever you do this Mother’s Day your mum won’t mind. So shower her in time and bathe her in affection and let a few fresh handmade extras add a hint of luxury and a sprinkling of sparkle.  

Slather some subtly scented Rosy Cheeks face mask on to skin to gently soothe and refresh - and get a truly cheeky selfie with your mum too!

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