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How to Choose Your Face Mask

Face masks are a wonderful way to treat your skin to fresh ingredients that’ll leave you looking and feeling radiant.

So how do you choose the perfect one? As with all our products, our face masks are made with effects in mind—not cookie-cutter skin types. So, picking your face mask is as simple as considering how you’d like your skin to feel, then seeking out the products and ingredients that will get you there.

Deep Cleansing

Face masks make quick work of cleansing the skin because of their clarifying bases of mud, clay or powder. Add some additional astringent and purifying ingredients, and your face mask becomes a deep-cleansing powerhouse.


Smooth a generous layer of this cocoa butter and mint blend over your skin. Rhassoul mud and cocoa powder cleanse and absorb excess oil from your skin, keeping it feeling matte and clear.

Prince of Darkness

This devilishly good charcoal face mask cleanses your skin from the depths, satisfies your need for a bright, matt complexion. Kaolin inside will absorb excess oils and gently buff your skin, leaving it clean and soft, while fine sea salt and lavender oil refresh and balance your skin.



Exfoliating helps reveal fresh, revitalised skin and keeps your complexion bright. For a refreshing scrub, look for naturally exfoliating ingredients like coffee, aduki beans, almond shells or rice, and range from gentle and renewing to brisk and polishing!

Mask of Magnaminty (Face and body mask)

This hero mask is packed with a mixture of gentle yet effective ingredients to clean, calm and clear your skin. Natural exfoliants like organic ground aduki beans and evening primrose seeds are used to give the skin a deep polish, promoting a healthy and bright glow.

Cup O’ Coffee (Face and body mask)

Ground coffee in this awakening mask gently exfoliates, leaving your skin soft and glowing, while coffee infusion boosts circulation and blood flow to wake up the skin and the senses.


Soothing & Moisturising

When your skin is craving some calm and comfort, look for time-tested soothing ingredients to bring your complexion back to its best.

BB Seaweed

BB Seaweed contains lashings of seaweed and aloe vera gel to hydrate and restore. With a splash of soothing rosemary oil and calming rose absolute, it is the perfect face mask for sensitive skin.

Catastrophe Cosmetic

This soothing and moisturising face is packed with antioxidant fresh blueberries, calming calamine and balancing rose. Perfect for the sensitive that needs a little help feeling balanced and mattified.


Fine oatmeal is added in this gentle, moisturising face mask to help cool and soothe dry skin conditions, while fresh bananas and organic illipe butter moisturize dry skin.



When your skin looks dull and lackluster, adorn yourself in the brightening goodness of fresh masks, leaving your skin bright and your mind revitalized.

Don’t Look At Me

Like a magnificently zingy and uplifting smoothie of lemon juice, grapefruit and murumuru butter, the enzymic, citrus fruits inside will cleanse and brighten your skin, while murumuru butter adds extra moisture.If you love to scrub, ground white rice makes this mask extremely exfoliating.

Brazened Honey

If you like a slightly creamier texture, glow-giving Brazened Honey might just be the one for you. Refresh with organic lime juice, ground almond shells and warming ginger root while honey and almond oil add a little extra moisture to leave your skin feeling soft and squeaky clean.


Clarifying & Balancing

We have fresh masks with the effect of clarifying and balancing, help to combat pimples and clear your complexion, and aim to improve the condition of problem skin. Let’s say goodbye to your troublesome spots.

Cosmetic Warrior

A blend of antibacterial garlic and tea tree calms and cleanses the skin, while fresh green grapes gently exfoliate skin and keep it clear. This face mask helps to combat breakout and clear your complexion.

Rosy Cheek

A beautifully balancing and delicate face mask packed with lavish ingredients to cleanse your skin from cheek to cheek. Rose petal infusion, rose clay, and rose oil - the three musketeers - work together to soothe flushed cheeks and tone the skin, leaving a light, naturally floral fragrance and a mattified complexion.


Want to chat about which mask is perfect for you? Make your way to our shops, or contact our Customer Care team at (852) 2423 3833 for a personalized consultation.

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