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How to Choose Your Moisturiser

Every Lush moisturiser has a unique formula composed of beautiful ingredients carefully selected for their effect on the skin. We have plenty to choose from because we believe that skin can be more than just dry, normal or oily. So no matter what your skin goals are – brighten dull skin, bring your skin into balance, calm irritation – we have moisturisers to help you achieve them.

Balance temperamental skin with lavender

Some people’s skin can’t make its mind up: one day it’ll feel tight and dry, and the next day it’ll be shiny with excess oil. To bring skin into balance, try Imperialis. This versatile moisturiser works well on most faces as it includes lavender oil: this fragrant oil helps skin find an equilibrium between being too dry and too oily while calming the mind. Its formula also includes brightening orange blossom water and soothing flower extracts like sunflower, sweet violet and elderflower to bring all skins back to stasis.

If your skin is unpredictable but tends to be more oily than dry, Vanishing Cream is also made with lavender but has a lighter texture than Imperialis. Its formula has easily absorbed fair trade organic shea butter in place of the richer cocoa butter we use in our other moisturisers. Add in moisturising honey, astringent witch hazel and soothing rose water and you’ve got a cream that will sink in easily without leaving the skin greasy.


Replenish dry skin

Any moisturiser will hydrate the skin, but some faces need more help than others. If this sounds like you, have a look at Skin Drink, a classic Lush formula full of reparative fair trade organic sesame oil, soothing fresh avocado and calming rose absolute for restoring moisture to very dry skin. For an even richer moisturiser, check out Skin’s Shangri La. Made with a hydrating blend of evening primrose, coconut and sweet almond oils that leaves the skin dewy and plump, this thick cream also has lanolin and beeswax to create a conditioning layer that locks moisture into skin.

To boost any moisturiser’s hydrating power, you’ll want to use Full of Grace before dabbing on your cream. This naked facial oil, which can also be used as a moisturiser on its own, has rich tropical butters to soften the skin while calamine powder, rose oil and chamomile blue oil soothe irritation and tone down redness.


Oily skin needs moisture, too

People with oilier skin sometimes avoid using moisturiser because they feel that their skin is oily enough, thank you very much! However, skin that’s creating lots of sebum is often trying to compensate for a lack of oil. So although it seems counterintuitive, applying a moisturiser like Enzymion can help oily skin feel more matte. Enzymion’s nutritious avocado and wheat germ oils provide lightweight moisture without a greasy feel, and enzymes from fresh lemon and papaya juice will cleanse dead skin and excess oil to give you a brighter complexion.

For radiant but not shiny skin, give Gorgeous a try. This light, luxurious cream will boost skin’s elasticity with fragrant neroli oil while evening primrose, extra virgin olive and grapeseed oils soften skin. It also has fresh pineapple and lemon juices buzzing with enzymes to keep skin bright and matte so you won’t have to worry about a shiny forehead.

Or try Magical Moringa, which blends antioxidant-rich powerhouses like argan, rosehip and moringa oils with corn flour to leave skin with a matte finish that’s perfectly primed for makeup. The way this unique moisturiser instantly melts into the skin is truly magical!


Soothe easily irritated skin

If your skin reacts poorly to changes in weather or is just generally sensitive, you’ll want to choose a moisturiser that’s packed full of soothing ingredients to make your skin feel comfortable again.

Cosmetic Lad isn’t just for the fellas! Although it was formulated to soothe skin after shaving, anyone with irritated skin can benefit from this yummy orange creamsicle-scented moisturiser made with healing chickweed, soothing aloe vera gel and calming lavender. If your skin reacts to many different ingredients, Celestial’s formula has only 10: with vanilla water and almond milk among its few components, this heavenly moisturiser has no essential oils, making it perfect for very sensitive skin.

Your moisturiser is an important part of your skincare regimen, but it’s still only one part! To learn more about our skincare and explore our cleansers, toners and masks, make your way to our shops, use the “Live Chat” function on our website or contact our Customer Care team at [email protected] or (852) 2423 3833.


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