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How to take care of your hands

Whether you work in construction, an office, a garden or simply do lots of household chores, the delicate skin on your hands hardly gets a break. 

Beyond using a daily lotion (which is a great start), our hands are often the last part of our body to get love. Frequent exposure to the elements and constant hand-washing can leave them dry, cracked and uncomfortable. You need a simple routine that'll keep them feeling great.


Keep your hands clean

We often wash our hands throughout the day to maintain hygiene, so choosing soaps with fresh and conditioning ingredients is an essential way to keep your hands clean and moisturised. Parsley Porridge soap has the combination of antibacterial fresh parsley, tea tree oil and aloe vera, leaving hands feeling gently cleansed. Sea Vegetable contains arame seaweed, which is naturally rich in vitamins and minerals, resulting in soft and calm skin. If you like feeling moisturised, Honey I Washed The Kids is infused with sweet honey and is your perfect choice.


Exfoliate and pamper

When skin is overworked, protective calluses can develop, creating rough, thick patches on your palms and fingers. The answer? A good scrub. Salted Coconut was made for hands with a blend of exfoliating sea salt to remove excess skin, and a healthy dose of coconut oil so your hands won't dry out. For extra polishing power, apply this on hands when they're dry and then rinse clean with warm water. Don't forget to moisturize after for the ultimate soft hands.

If you're still feeling a little rough around the edges (hangnails, I'm lookin' at you), sometimes the solution is to get heavy. Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter is a dream for hands that need all the love they can get. For those tough-to-soften spots, protective beeswax and nourishing avocado oil tackle and soothe broken or dry skin, while an enzyme-rich lemon infusion breaks down the tough areas. It's the only hand tool you need when your job is really hands-on.


Moisture all day

Using a hydrating hand cream is a great way to add moisture to tough, overworked skin. Helping Hands works as hard as your hands to provide soothing comfort with protective shea and cocoa butters that help keep moisture locked in. Keep a pot handy (see what I did there?) so you can easily lather it on after you wash your hands or any time you need a bit of hydration. If your hands need more caring, Handy Gurugu is a good one to serve: an infusion of rose water and rose absolute to reduce redness and hydrate. Evening primrose calms the skin, while chamomile blue oil acts as an antiseptic and fresh lemon juice brightens the skin. Slather on at night and let it work its magic.


When you rely on your hands to be in their best condition, a little TLC every now and again will go a long way. Not sure where to start? Visit Lush shops for a literal hands-on consultation (seriously, our shop staff will demo our hand products on you!) or discover the rest of our handy collection to see what's right for you.


This article is translated by Ester Cheng ; edited by Anthea Wong and Kadii Chan.

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