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Keep Your Cool

Shower jellies are an awesome alternative to soaps and shower gels, because they can be tossed in the fridge or freezer before a shower. Taking a cold shower or bath is the perfect way to keep your cool, but adding a cold shower jelly to the mix will amplify your cooling experience.


Shake, freeze, lather

Just before you’re ready to hop in the shower, grab your jelly straight from the fridge or freezer and lather up. Alternating hot and cold while washing is a practice that’s been around in countries like Japan and Finland for ages. In Finland alone, there are roughly two million saunas for a population of about 5.3 million people. Shower jellies can give you that instant ‘sauna and roll in the snow’ feeling, but in your shower—and without having to brave an icy-cold blast of water.

Chop your jelly up into little, washed-sized pieces and freeze them, then squish them into a pouf or slide directly over your skin to lather up just like you would with soap. And it won’t just help you keep your cool; jellies are rich in carrageenan to give them that wobbly jiggle, which also makes them excellent at hydrating – perfect for sunburned skin.

Pack it up, pack it in

Shower jellies aren’t the only Lush goodies that are perfect for the fridge! You’ll want to keep our toner waters chilled and ready to go too when it’s hot out. Take Tea Tree WaterBreath Of Fresh Air or Eau Roma Water with you everywhere for a cooling, refreshing spritz when the temperature rises. They’re alcohol-free and packed with soothing, cooling ingredients that won’t leave your skin parched and dry.

Spent a little too much time in the sun? A fresh face mask straight outta the fridge could be just what your skin needs. Rosy Cheeks and Catastrophe Cosmetic are made to soothe and relax upset skin thanks to a healthy dose of calamine powder and rose. Plus, these masks are meant to be kept in the fridge, so they’ll always provide a little cool relief.

Hop in the tub

A bath in the summer? It’s not as strange as you might think. Although you won’t need to keep our bath bombs in the fridge, running yourself a cool or cold bath is a great way to bring down your core temperature with a blend of ingredients that were made to help you stay refreshed. We’ve got loads of bath bombs that’ll help you create your own cooling oasis.

Visit our stores or call our customer care team at (852) 2423 3833 to discover even more ways to keep your cool this summer!

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