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A Lush bubble bath - Plastic-free, packaging-free, preservative-free

There's no place like foam!

A product that has been with us since the very beginning of Lush. Inspired by the dance track “LittleFluffy Clouds” by The Orb, Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds first appeared as a liquid bubble bath.

Our curious Co-Founder and Inventor Helen Ambrosen began to experiment and invented a solid version that fluffed up into billions of beautiful bubbles when crumbled into water. We were delighted to part ways with plastic bottles and get serious with our solids!

We have never stopped playing with bubbles! Over 25 years, our creative inventors have dreamt up a bubble bath for every occasion. Over 90 new and reimagined bubble bars were created exclusively for our shop in Harajuku, Japan in 2019. Some of these have already sneaked out online and into our shops and we have heard that another carefully selected batch will be arriving soon!


What's your flavour?
Fancy an opulent soak or just some playtime fun? We’ve got you covered… in bubbles!

1. Bubble bars the original solid bubble bath.
Try the berry-scent of the bestselling The Comforter or zingy citrus suds of Brightside.

2. Bubbleroons filled with a lashing of moisturising butters for a creamy, luxurious soak.
Split for two baths, reach for the peach with a cheeky Peach Crumble.

3. Bubble Sticks that you can use and reuse - deja bathing.
Good for 2-3 baths, unleash your inner artist with Mint Bubble Brush - a minty stick that draws!

4. Bubble Bottles carefully crafted essential oil blends to turn bathtimes into aromatherapy moments.
Enough for 8-10 baths, Big Bottle Of Calm does exactly what it says or sink into soothing oat and orange with Milky Bath


View our whole bubble bath range here.


How To Use: Bubble Bars

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