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Lush Employee Benefit Trust: An introduction

Heard about the Employee Benefit Trust but not sure what it is? We've got you covered...

The Lush Cosmetics Employee Benefit Trust was established on the 4th August 2017.

The Employee Benefit Trust was established because the directors of Lush, with the support of the majority of the shareholders, decided that they wanted to share ownership of Lush with the employees in order to:

  • Recognise the contribution the employees make to the success of the business;
  • Promote employee engagement and the continued prosperity of the business; and
  • Give the employees a voice in safeguarding the Lush independence and ethical principles of which the shareholders, directors and employees are all so proud and which they all believe makes Lush unique.

The beneficiaries of the Employee Benefit Trust are all the are all the employees at any given time of all Lush Group worldwide.


Most commonly asked questions...

What issues do I have a say on?

You have a voice in preserving and protecting the independence of the Lush group and safeguarding the ethics.

  • A change of control or sale will require prior written consent of the EBT trustees. The trustees must consult all the Lush Group employees and only give that consent if the majority of employees (over 50%) in the majority (over 50%) of the Lush Group companies instruct them, by voting, to consent.
  • A change in ethics - there are certain values or principles we regard as core to our philosophy that cannot be changed without the Trustees of the EBT first seeking views of all the employees of the Lush Group companies. If you feel that any of our core values or principles of the Lush Ethical Charter are at risk you can raise a concern with Trustees of the EBT by sending an email to [email protected]. If any employee raises a concern of a risk, the trustees must convene the Ethical Charter committee comprising two member each of shop floor staff and manufacturing shop floor staff and two customers and report the view of that committee to the Lush EBT trustees.

Who is part of the EBT?

Anyone who is employed in a Lush group country is automatically part of the EBT. As soon as you join the payroll your voice and vote count. There is nothing you have to do to sign up for the EBT.

What happens if I leave Lush?

Once you leave the business and come off the payroll than you will no longer be part of the EBT.

Will we see any benefit in our salary from the EBT?

No, the EBT does not directly affect your salary but we guarantee to maintain Lush’s bonus culture.

Who can we approach if we have further questions?

You can get in touch a few different ways:

All questions will be collected and directed to the EBT trustees for response. We will aim to have an answer for you within 5 working days, but this is a new adventure for us all. Some questions may not yet have answers, but where that's the case, we will let you know, and answer them when we can.

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