Lush Live LCX 2018 – FAQs

Got any questions about Lush Live LCX 2018? You can find the answers here!

When and where will the event take place?

Lush Live LCX 2018 will be held from 9th to11th November (Friday-Sunday) at LCX (which is located on the third floor of Ocean Terminal, Harbour City in Tsim Sha Tsui), from 10:00am to 10:00pm.

This event is free and open to the public (all handmade and upcycling workshops require pre-registration) and is divided into four main areas. At the entrance of LCX, experience the Christmas spirit with our magnificent Christmas installations and photo props, try your luck with a challenging game, and have a close look at how our compounders demonstrate the process of making our fresh handmade product. A wide range of limited edition winter products awaits you at LCX shop; you can also make your personalized Christmas postcard* there. A variety of handmade workshops will take place at Oasis 3 & 4 (next to Xplus) – please get a ticket from our website for the upcycling or product making workshop. Proceeds obtained from the workshops will be donated to two local environmental organizations – Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society and Plastic Free Seas.

* Available while stock lasts

I didn’t register for any workshop. Can I still participate in the event?

The area consisting of Christmas installations, a game zone and a product demonstration zone at LCX entrance is open to the public for free! Come visit our giant Butterbear and don’t forget to take a selfie with him! However, pre-registration is needed for our handmade workshops. You can buy the ticket on the spot at Lush LCX store (shop 35A) if space is still available. Please stay tuned for latest updates on our social media channels, we will also be more than happy to answer your inquiries during the event.

Will I get a hard copy ticket once I’ve purchased the workshop ticket online?

We won’t provide any physical tickets this time. We will send a separated confirmation email to your registered email address after you have successfully purchased the workshop tickets on our official website. You only need to show your confirmation email to the staffs to join the workshop.

Can I change the date or session of the chosen workshop after I make purchase? What if I need a refund or cancellation?

Yes, you can! The re-arrangement, however, depends on the availability of the workshop at that very moment. All changes, cancellation or refund should be requested on or before 8th November (Thursday) at 12:00pm. You can contact our Customer Care Team through [email protected] or (852) 2423-3833 for arrangement. We will not accept any requests after the deadline. Sales from the ticket(s) in concern will be donated to local environmental organizations.

Is the ticket transferable?

Yes, it is. Any changes in attendee’s information please contact our Customer Care Team through [email protected] or (852) 2423-3833 for further arrangement on or before 8th November (Thursday) at 12:00pm. You need to provide the name and contact of the new attendee for registration purposes.

Are there any minimum age requirements to join the workshop? Should my child get an individual ticket and be accompanied by an adult?

Anyone aged 6 or above is welcome to join. Child aged below 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

We prepare our workshop materials based on the number of tickets sold. In other words, we will provide each ticket holder with materials needed for making one single handcraft. If you and your child both want to create your own handcraft, please buy two tickets.

I can’t attend the upcycling workshop but am very interested in it. Will there be a second round of the workshop?

We are glad to hear that! We are going to hold upcycling workshops in selected Lush shops after “Lush Live LCX 2018” event. Proceeds obtained from these workshops will also be donated to the two local environmental organizations. Tickets for these workshops will be available for sales on 12th November on our official website. Please stay tuned for further details on our official social channels and website.

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