Lush Party

Having a birthday party? Hen night? Pampering party? Whether the reason for your get-together (if you need one at all), choose between three tailor made parties, you can now enjoy a unique Lush party in all of our stores in Hong Kong! 


Beauty School (1 hour 30 minutes)

HK$375 per guest inc. HK$150 towards your favourite products

The Beauty School party focuses on either facial skin care, or hand and foot treatments which are led by our expertly-trained party hosts. Every party goer will get an in-depth consultation and learn skin care techniques to practice on one another. You’ll use products that feature in our Spa treatments, and receive tips on how to turn your bathroom into an oasis of relaxation and pampering.

Fun & Games (1 hour 30 minutes)

HK$295 per guest inc. HK$70 towards your favourite products

This party is perfect for celebrating, playing games and having fun! Those of you who are new to Lush will discover and learn about amazing product ranges through games, and the more seasoned Lush fans can show off their knowledge during treasure hunts and quizzes. Your Fun And Games party can be tailor made to create your perfect party experience.

Happy Hour (1 hour)                         

​HK$220 per guest inc. HK$70 towards your favourite products

This is the perfect VIP party experience. The Happy Hour party is ideal for larger groups looking for a unique party experience in Lush store. Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of Lush, with interactive product experiences and activities to suit you and your guests – you can decide whether you want to relax and be pampered or get your energy levels up with games and quizzes. 

*A minimum of 8 people for each Lush Party is required. 

Spa Party                         

​HK$1,000 per guest 

Fancy having a cosy party in our English country kitchen?  A tailor made party gives you and your friends a pampering experience in Lush Spa.

After putting on comfy oversized pyjamas, you can enjoy a 30-minute customised body massage, have a taste of two unique Lush Spa treatments and Lush palm reading. A special person from the group can also enjoy an exclusive bath with Lush products!

*A minimum of 4 people for each Spa Party is required. 

Extra Fun!

You could even try making your own Lush products! Details as following: 

 A. Making bath bombs or bubble bars:

There is an extra charge of HK$500 for 1 set of product making kit (suggested for 8-12 people), includes raw materials. If there are more than 12 guests joining the party, we suggest to have 2 sets of product making kit for everyone to enjoy the fun of making bath bomb or bubble bar.

B. Making facial cleansers or fresh face masks:

There is a minimum charge of HK$500 for the first 8 guests to make facial cleansers or fresh face masks, the charge includes a product making kit with raw materials. For more guests, we charge additional HK$50 per person. Each participant gets at least 75g of fresh face mask or 100g of facial cleanser to take home after party.

To book your Lush party, all you need to do is pop into our stores and have a chat with our staff. Or you can simply contact our Customer Care Team at (852) 2423-3833 or send an email to [email protected] for more details. Are you ready to party?


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