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Lush Prize explained

The Lush Prize is a major initiative aiming to bring forward the day when safety testing takes place without the use of animals.

Winners of the Lush Prize receive an annual fund of £250,000 – the biggest prize in the non-animal testing sector - in order to celebrate their achivements in fields such as science, research and campaigning with regards to pursuing alternative options to animal testing. The major focus of the prize, is to put pressure on toxicity testing for consumer products and ingredients, in a way which complements the many projects already addressing the use of animals in medical testing.

Several prizes of £50,000 will reward the most effective projects and individuals who have been working towards the goal of replacing animals in product or ingredient safety testing across five strategic areas:

  • Sciene
  • Training
  • Lobbying
  • Public Awarerness
  • Young Researchers

The Lush Prize can be awarded to projects anywhere in the world, to reflect the international nature of the issue. They will be presented at an annual award ceremony in November each year.

The Lush Prize combines the passion and resources of Lush staff with the research and campaigning skills of Ethical Consumer.

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