#SaveSharks Action!

Did you know that about 78 million sharks and related species are killed every year?

Sharks have been overexploited to supply the high demand for shark fins in the consumer market. Populations of certain species have declined by nearly 90%* in the last century. 

Hong Kong plays two important roles that impact shark conservation – trade and consumption. Each year, about 78 millions* sharks are harvested for their fins, and nearly half of them are traded in through Hong Kong and making the city the world’s largest shark fin trading hub. In 2016 alone, Hong Kong has imported over 5,700 tons* of shark fins.

Over the course of the years, there has been growing awareness of shark conservation in our city. However, shark fins are sill commonly served in many celebrating occasions, closely tied in with the traditional Chinese cultural – being symbolized as a luxurious and wealthy icon and giving the best to your family and guests, for example, birthday celebration and wedding banquet.

A recent DNA test revealed that fins from at least 76 shark species were found in Hong Kong market, and about 1/3 of them are threatened species*.

This winter starting on 24 Nov, we are joining hands with HK Shark Foundation to save the threatened shark species. Together we urge the Hong Kong government to implement a more comprehensive regulation system to protect these species and save them from extinction.

Purchase our campaign edition Shark Fin Soap and support HK Shark Foundation. All proceeds will be donated to support their on-going effort in shark conservation and public education programs.

Learn more about this pressing issue and what we can do locally to save sharks from extinction, read the article – Save Sharks from Extinction written by HK Shark Foundation.

*Sources: HK Shark Foundation

Photo credit to Shawn Heinrichs

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