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What is Digital Detox Day?

Digital Detox Day is a collaboration between mental health organisation #IAMWHOLE (co-founded by Jordan Stephens), Zoe Sugg (founder of Zoella) and Lush. The campaign sets out to raise awareness of the negative impact social media can have on our mental health, and helps people to form healthier relationships with their devices.

Digital Detox Day will take place worldwide on 5th September, when we will be asking people to step away from their phones for one whole day. 

Together with Lush, Zoe has created a bespoke Digital Detox Day bath bomb, called IRL which Lush will be selling online and in-store to raise vital funds for grassroots mental health charities. The IRL Bath Bomb will be launched in Asia in late-September. Money raised from this bath bomb go towards a fund taking applications for grants from small, grassroots groups who work on mental health issues. 

To learn more about Digital Detox Day and how you can take part on the day, head here to check out #IAMWHOLE’s website.


Digital Detox Day 2020

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