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In a world where you could work anywhere, why choose Lush?

Working at Lush is always an adventure. 

Whether you’re a part-time or a full time sales ambassador, the culture of our company flows through every area of the business. We work hard because we believe in the beauty and effectiveness of our fresh handmade products, and we’re thrilled to be helping people, animals and the planet with everything we do; you can be part of the team in changing the world!

Whether this is your first job or not, working at Lush is definitely an exciting opportunity for you to gain a lot of hands on experience on different areas with Team Work being the most dominant one. “I love the fact that every day at work is always a team effort, it’s never about individual want and needs, everyone work together as a team looking out of each other.” William, staff member of Lush Granville Road Store.

Besides the daily job routine in store will train your skills in communication, customers experience & visual merchandising.

You’ll also get the chance to experience other areas of the business during your lush journey. During your induction period, you will be able to experience how all our fresh handmade products are made at the manufacturing. During events months, you’ll likely get the chance to participate and promote like a brand ambassador. You will also be able to join different charitable and volunteer activities. These experiences help you make strong connections throughout the business and learn how our departments work together.

Last but not least, we ensure you of learning how to take care of yourself from head to toe by using all our beautiful products!


Contributed by Regina Cheung & Tessa Tang; edited by Saren Ieong & Anthea Wong.

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