Fair Trade Organic Clove Infusion

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Spicy and stimulating
Products with this ingredient

Spicy and sweet-scented clove adds a warming note to perfume blends and has stimulating effects on the skin. Clove bud oil is often used in toothpastes, mouthwash and lozenges. It’s primary chemical constitutions include eugenol making clove ideal for soothing the entire mouth and freshen breath.



Cloves are the dried aromatic flower buds of a tropical evergreen tree of the Myrtle family. They are picked before the blossoms open and the buds are dried for 48 hours in the sun so that they change colour from rose to brown. The flower buds are put through a process of steam distillation producing an essential oil that has a warm, rich, spicy and sweet aroma. To create clove powder the dried buds are ground down into a fine powder. In hair products clove bud oil improves the smell and stimulates the scalp boosting circulation. Clove is a spicy, warming and stimulating herb and can boost circulation. It is also known to be anti-fungal and antiseptic, which makes it useful in products for the feet.