Lemon Oil

Citrus limonum

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Uplifting and cleansing
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Lemon oil has antibacterial properties on the skin, cleansing and brightening it when applied topically. It contains alpha-hydroxy-acids, or AHAs, which are enzymes that cleanse the skin by breaking down dirt, excess oil, product such as make up and dead skin, making it easier to reveal the fresh new skin underneath.  



The lemon tree (Citrus limonum) is a small, evergreen plant belonging to the Rutaceae family. The essential oil is extracted from the skin of the lemon fruit and is used to cleanse the skin and refresh the mind.

The natural fruit acids in the oil also encourage the hair cuticle to lie flat and so reflect more light, making your hair appear shinier. Lemon oil is also used as a top note in perfumery, which wakens up a fragrance sending it singing and dancing in citrus glory to directly delight your synapses.

Lemon trees are thought to be native to India, although they are also grown further afield, flourishing in warmer climates. The tree produces oval leaves and blossoms as well as a fruit which varies in rind, thickness and percentage of juice. Since 2005, Lush has sourced bergamot, lemon and mandarin essential oils from Reggio di Calabria in southern Italy, directly from family producers who have been producing citrus oils for three generations. The fruits are grown without pesticides, hand picked during winter and then the peel is cold-pressed to extract the oil.

Lemon Oil can be found in these products
Products with this ingredient
Lemon Oil can be found in these products
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