Organic Hemp Oil

Cannabis sativa

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Analgesic and anti-inflammatory
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Hemp, originating in Central Asia, is cultivated for many reasons, but is now grown all over the world for its seeds or oil, for its fibre, and illegally for marijuana.



Hemp has been used since ancient times in Egypt, China and India to help with digestive problems, to balance hormones, for rheumatism and to promote hair growth. Hemp seeds, oil and butter are commonly used today in cooking and preparation of food, as it is full of omegas, magnesium and other essential minerals.

The ancient Indians used hemp in medicine for healing, and it is still used in traditional Chinese medicine today.

Hemp oil is thought to be analgesic and anti-inflammatory, often used in external medicine to treat varicose veins, corns and sores. Our organic hemp oil is obtained from plants grown without any chemicals or unnatural materials.

Organic Hemp Oil can be found in these products
Products with this ingredient
Organic Hemp Oil can be found in these products
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