Wake from a golden slumber

Hard Days Night Treatment

Wake from a golden slumber

Here’s a recipe for 75 minutes of delicious, undisturbed rest; the ingredients for an overnight sleep steeped in sweet dreams and refreshment which stays.Take an album of Beatles classics and sift vigorously, unravelling the rich, subtleties of the chords and lyrics to be mixed and reimagined. Add one pair of pyjamas, soft, oversized, and stir the two into a reverie of massage, music and golden slumbers. Tip out, kneading away the knots of this complex dough with an unwinding massage of gentle, passive stretches which lengthen, strengthen and relax, aligning and fine-tuning from head to toe. A choreographed dance of rolling, drifting and elevating mind and body. Add a dash of the weird and wonderful, the feeling of soaring skyward in a dream and bake with a splash of comfort, the warm, snuggly kind that makes you think of home, sweet home. A liberal sprinkle of Liverpool, the sound of the docks in the morning, and leave to rise, starry-eyed, with the sun.



Feel rested as if awaking from a good night’s sleep.

Aids relaxation and the release of tension from the body.

Exercise without the exertion - feel stretched and revived.



Full body massage treatment, involving gentle, passive stretching and pressure point massage.

75 minutes + approximately 15 minutes consultation time.

Level of nakedness: 2/3 - some undressing required.


Why rush? Arrive for your treatment 10 minutes early to feel relaxed from the start.

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