Sail to calmer waters

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Sail to calmer waters

Set out to sea in a beautiful pea green boat to dispel any quells or storms brewing deep under the skin. 30 minutes of localised, deep tissue massage works out those sailor’s knots, helps steer your body in the right direction as firm pressure untangles aches and pains like knots in a rope. No more treading water, you’re free to float in a nautical daydream, unanchored, uninhibited and deeply revived, relieving layers of hot and cold washing away tension to a backdrop of sea shanties and glorious morning mists. This way for the bright blue sea, to sail its rocking tide, all hands on the helm - this way for bright blue skies.



Find relief from knots and reawaken the muscles.

Particular attention paid to long-term areas of tension - feel more flexible.

Be free in body and mind.



A rigorous, deep pressure massage treatment focused on long-term areas of tension.

Uses medium to hard pressure, trigger point techniques and jelly discs.

30 minutes + approximately 15 minutes consultation time. 

Level of nakedness: 3/3 - down to your underwear, beneath a cosy sheet.


Why rush? Arrive for your treatment 10 minutes early to feel relaxed from the start.

Please note: spa voucher cards purchased in HK are only redeemable in HK.

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Hong Kong Island
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