Where the wild things bathe

Limited Edition

Wild Things

Where the wild things bathe
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What does the fox say? No one ever asked the badger. Nevertheless, they would probably say they wanted a long, hot bath. Take a journey into an enchanted forest, the animals that live there will be your guide as they show you the wonders that their home hides. Follow badger, fox and soft little Butterbear through the emerald wood to the glen of Guardian of the Forest. Father Christmas is waiting for you. This is where the wild things bathe.

5 items in the box
Inside your gift…
naughty elf christmas bubble bar
Bubble Bar
Santa Claus is coming!
strawberry santa christmas soap
Cream of the crop
guardians of the forest
Bath Bomb
The spirit of nature
butterbear christmas shower jelly
Shower Jelly
A comforting bear hug
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