Strikes a chord deep within

The Sound Bath

Strikes a chord deep within

Sshhh. Listen. Feel. First there is nothing but the roaring silence. A rich bead of cacao, dark and beautiful, on your tongue. Sweet, liquid apple slips down your throat. Warmth. Then the rustle of the perfunctory cool breeze. Birds. Bees. A canopy of sound overhead, glowing, through the lids of your closed eyes. The spark of a flame. Relax. Open your mind and your ears. It’s time to bathe in sound. Tremors tunnel within, sailing through your temples, chest and heart to cleanse and awaken. Ripples of energy course over your body and multiply into little capillaries of white noise, unburying delicious secrets and forgotten thrills. Calm on the surface, but full of subterranean music and emotion within. Good vibrations strike a chord. Let us restring and fine-tune your graceful lines; it’s time to hear clearly. The birds have gone in search of blue direction: soar with them on a soundscape of tuning forks and quiet contemplation.


Deeply rebalancing, meditative and refreshing for the senses.

Helps drain the lymph and stimulate your circulation.

Be in tune with yourself and the world around you - feel like you can hear more clearly.


Clarifying face and head massage, incorporating hot and cold stones, ear candles and tuning forks.

60 minutes + approx. 20 minutes consultation.

Level of nakedness: 1/3 - little undressing required.

Why rush? Arrive for your treatment 10 minutes early to feel relaxed from the start.

Please note: spa voucher cards purchased in HK are only redeemable in HK.

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