Walk on air

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Walk on air

Immerse yourself in 60 minutes of reflexology-inspired massage, as your worry melts in a plume of smoke, stationary but stepping, with each sensation rooted in your toes, in the arc of your foot, but travelling over your body in waves. Ahhh to walk with bare cool feet on the water, before dipping your toes beneath the surface like kingfishers! Feet like the bases of trees going down to deep roots, see how every stride gains traction from the earth, how working together, two feet can take a person onward in a straight line forever, walking off what holds you back. Move forwards with a renewed sense of wellbeing and focus. A gentle pressure on your shoulders, hot stones warming the temples, moving and loosening your thoughts from where they’ve lodged like letters in a postbox. The unravelling of forgotten tension with deeply cleansing and restorative massage. You’re aligned and perfectly in time with your own rhythm, ready to move forward with joy, understanding and courage.



Feel refreshed and light on your feet.

Move forward with purpose.

Grounding, clearing and releasing - feel like your whole body has been treated.



Reviving foot massage and treatment with hot stones and a scalp massage.

Uses the ancient art of reflexology to treat areas of tension throughout the body.

60 minutes + approx. 15 minutes consultation

Level of nakedness: 1/3 - Little undressing required.


Why rush? Arrive for your treatment 10 minutes early to feel relaxed from the start.

Please note: spa voucher cards purchased in HK are only redeemable in HK.

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