Bathe, rest and be restored

Tales of Bath

Bathe, rest and be restored
Tales of Bath spa treatment

Be like the water. Still. Shapeless. Formless. Seek out the space beneath your feet, boiling high with mineral heat. A kingdom of crystalline liquid and underground fairytale, where the beating heart of Aqua Sulis echoes through watery caverns, buried under the earth. Your King’s bath is drawn and waiting, dappled by pearly light. Bathe in the light of a subterranean milky way and bubbling epsom salts - oh, water! Your skin drinks eagerly, yet, in its abundance, this precious liquid survives your thirst. Ripples of hot oils roll over your back, liquid sunlight and torrents of free-flowing music to soak you in a symphony of massage and lullabies. Arise with a crown set high on your head, contented in all you behold.



Bathe, rest and feel restored, ready to appreciate life just as it is.

Sleep-inducing - feel relaxed.

Cleanse, refresh and hydrate the skin.

Side-lying massage technique beneficial during pregnancy or for those who have difficulty lying face down during treatments.



A gentle, seated shoulder massage, skin-soothing mineral bath and rejuvenating full-body massage.

Bathe in solitude and take time for yourself.

75 minutes + approximately 20 minute consultation.

Level of nakedness: 3/3 - Down to a robe and your underwear in parts, then fully unclothed for a private bath.


Why rush? Arrive for your treatment 10 minutes early to feel relaxed from the start.

Please note: spa voucher cards purchased in HK are only redeemable in HK.

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